Sino Full Inc. Limited
Global Stock Transfer Agency

Sino Full is a professional registrar & transfer agency dedicated to the highest standards in the industry. The success of the firm is wholeheartedly dependent on our ability to provide optimized services to you and your shareholders. Our professionals are efficient and empowered to deliver flexible solutions in addressing the specialized needs of each client.

Our Services

Stock transfer services

Comprehensive stock transfer services

Sino Full maintains the stock records for over 850 companies. Our services manage dividend distribution programs, handle stock splits, issue and convert warrants and debentures and provide all of the services needed by any company to insure the proper handling of corporate stock records.

Stock transfer technologies

Industry leading technology systems

Industry standard, cutting edge technologies provides on-demand access to your stockholder data. We dedicate significant resources towards hardware and software technical upgrades to insure our commitment to excellent service. Our custom-built systems provide clients with the flexibility to tailor their experience to suit the demands best suited to the optimization of their preferences.

Escrow Agency Services

Escrow agency services

Sino Full serves as an authorized escrow agent, acting as a trusted, independent third party for the holding and dispersing of critical assets, all according to a broad range of contractual obligations.

  • Review the terms of escrow agreements
  • Oversee compliance of escrow agreements
  • Dividend distributions
  • Selling shareholder transactions
  • Private sale transactions

Our security for your peace of mind

All shareholder records are strictly confidential, and are available only to those persons authorized by each of our clients.Unissued stock certificates are kept secure and carefully monitored in our vault protection system.

Back-up computer tapes are remotely stored away from our office in a secure location to guarantee the safety of shareholder information. In addition, a hard copy is maintained in our office to prevent any changes or alteration.